Monday, March 25, 2013

Fair Warning: This post is for ranting and not much else

The worst place to reside is inside of your own head and yet here I am again -at least its rent free.

I have three choices for the next year.

1. I have been accepted to the Wright Institute in Berkley California. I could attend. Get my doctorate. Be a psychologist. Hope that the thousands of dollars I spend don't end up being a whim and that I enjoy psychology as much as a career than as a topic of conversation.

2. I could do AmeriCorps. I have a few opportunities, a few interviews. Nothing set in stone yet as far as acceptance, but its a reasonable option. Pro's it looks great on a resume, I generally enjoy service and being I had to put peace corps on hold its a great option in my own back yard. Cons - its another new place for one year with no ties, no support system, and no guaranteed plan in formation once I finish it up. 

3. I could stay in Oneonta, work at bassett, act at Orpheus, volunteer at the Fenimore (or any number of other local museums) and apply to the museum education programs for the fall of 2014. Obvious con - Oneonta.

I'm so freaking confused. Didn't we check all the boxs? Didn't we go to college, work menial jobs, pay our dues? Why isn't there really a fairy godmother who can come wave her wand around and point us in the right direction?

Also writing day soon? I have no idea what 50,000 words April should hold?

Thanks for listening (or reading) as always!! Your turn?