Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNo Thoughts

Dear Ashley,

A blog post, as promised! I'm still behind on my word count, but I have hopes of catching up after work today.

This year for NaNo, I've decided to combine two pieces of flash fic to make one (hopefully long enough) novel. If not, there might be zombies, or the pillow-throwing chat room bot from last night's Philly online write in.

Anywho. I've combined the Hummingbirds flash, as you saw on facebook, with the one called Je Me Souviens (probably spelled that wrong) about the man who returns to his life after three years of being gone.

I wasn't totally sure that I wanted to mess with either of them, because I really like the way they stand alone as flash, especially Hummingbirds, but I'm starting to like the novel too.

As you saw, it's now called Don't Forget the Hummingbirds and the tagline that I put on the NaNo site is:

Three years ago, Jasper walked out of his own life and disappeared. He never intended to go back, but then he found Lola's letters. As he reads of her journey, Jasper learns about his own. Can a woman from the past help him find a future?

So that's it, in a nutshell. Actually, that's it, period. It just happens to fit in a nutshell, which is why there may be zombies or robots somewhere around 35k.

I also really need to get my shit together as far as grad school. I just don't know what to do. I haven't registered for the GRE or begun to put things together, because I still don't know what I want to do. And thinking about the future makes me a little panicky and stressed and makes my head hurt, so I've been avoiding it and crocheting instead.
Probably not a good idea, I know.

It also makes this novel a little difficult, as it's one of the more personal things I've written lately.

This post needs a picture, and to not end with depressing thoughts,'s what else I did yesterday besides write.

LATER... Never mind. Blogger won't let me upload the picture. Anyway, I managed to cook and freeze all my pumpkins so I can use them all winter to make delicious pumpkiny things.
I was moderately productive yesterday; I need an extra hour or two every day.


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