Monday, February 20, 2012

On Writing and Travel

That sweater does indeed make me go awww! It also makes me wonder why things that come in miniature are so damn cute. Except little dogs, little dogs are annoying, yippee, and they make me want to pull out my hair, but everything else little makes me smile like I have an IQ of about 60.
I loved everything about the Magician King and then I yelled at myself for reading it as soon as it came out because now I’m going to have to wait years before the next one and every once in a while well I’m in class and not paying attention I think about what will happen next because you know somehow Q is going to get back and there is defiantly something else with Alice – though I really don’t think this is going to be a happy ending kind of series  and for that I like it all the more.
I have indeed read A Great and Terrible Beauty, all three of them. A few times actually. They are one of my favorite YA series and unlike most over popular series these got progressively better until I was actually hoping for a forth. You’ll like the second one though three is my favorite.
I finally titled my NaNo piece and have borrowed your idea and made it into a book of letters. It makes more sense given the relationship of the characters for their contact to be written not face to face… Anyway it’s called For He Who Plays God and here are some snippets from the first two letters.
            It is perhaps the most selfish of actions to ask for forgiveness.
I ask it anyway.
If you will allow me to I will attempt to explain my actions or, at the very least, try to explain the circumstances that led me to act as I did.
I cannot pretend to know your pain and I cannot imagine the extent your anger, but it is my hope that my explanation will answer some of your questions. That my words will provide you with the why and not serve as the proverbial knife in the already open wound…  

            Do not speak to me of anger.
Do not speak to me of destitution.
You have no idea.
                Until you have watched as all of your options were stripped from you and thrown out the window as you stand by, a helpless observer. Until you realize, finally, what it means to have free will and appreciate it for what it is – the very essence of humanity – I do not want your apology and I certainly do not want your excuses…

So that’s just a little bit, but I like it so far. The rest is the same only now they’ll share her adventures (financed by him) through post as opposed to in person. I may throw a meeting in at the end, but I guess it really depends on how it plays out and being I probably won’t finish it for 10 years or so I have some time to figure it out :p
And now onto the fun part – pictures!
I’ve done quite a lot of traveling this winter and if anything could persuade me to be a student for the rest of my life it would certainly be the opportunity to travel, but anyway here are some pictures of Vienna (where I went to the worlds oldest zoo, in the backyard of a palace – must be nice, yes??),

Bratislava (where it rained all day, but I got to climb all over the ruins of Devin Castle which originates from the 800’s and made me feel super insignificant),  

and Prague( where I went to the opera for less than 5 dollars, and saw some of the Bohemian Carnival which basically meant that there were a couple of people dressed up doing a play, but the events list said they also had a masquerade ball in full costume and some other expensive things that I’ll do after we write and sell the Pan trilogy and I can actually afford it!!).

P.S. I’ve been talking to all of these people who have seen more of America then I have which is sad being I live there so I think we should plan a road trip!    

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