Monday, May 7, 2012

Of Little Lambs and Rewrites

Dear Ashley,

Sorry it's taken me a month (a month!) to write back. You've probably already had your Peace Corps. interview today, but good luck anyway!! Also, Ben suggested that you check out the Volunteer Service Organization. He's known some people who have done the Peace Corps, and not had the best experience. Apparently, they have a less than stellar track record of support on the ground and keeping their people safe. And of course, we want you to be safe. He's heard nothing but good things about VSO- the only hitch might be that they consciously don't recruit from the western hemisphere- i.e...Americans. Can't really say that I blame them. Our country's not exactly the most devoted to really helping others without a hidden, self-serving agenda.  But anyway. Something else to look at, in case the Peace Corps. doesn't work out. I hope it does, though.

I can't wait to hear all about Spain! I'm sure it was amazing. From everyone else's pictures I've seen, it's gorgeous. And I think I could actually get around there. I do need to brush up on my Spanish- I understand waaay more than I can speak at this point.

The farthest I've traveled lately is West Friendship, Maryland for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival a few days ago. No palaces or ancient ruins there, but there were little lambs,

 and border collies

and loads of glorious yarn.

 I came home with a small load of glorious yarn.

In other news, I finished my scriptfrenzy script, as you saw on facebook. It's not a great rewrite, but it's better than the original was, and there's definitely a role in it for you so we can both be rich and famous writer/actresses. Your plan makes it sounds so simple, by the way. Of course George Clooney will just telephone and ask to play the lead. :) If he did, I'd even consider saying yes, even though he's really not right for the part.

I'm also currently procrastinating on  revising Letters to Myself. The ladies at book club have agreed to be my focus group, and I need to get it to them by this weekend so they have time to read it, but I'm having a really hard time adding things to it. I'm going with the whole Ariah-finds-out-about-her-mother's-affair plot, but I think it's going to be almost impossible to add that, without making it seem like an excuse for her to start an affair with Tristan.

I don't know.

When this draft is done I'll send it to you so in your copious amounts of free time (sarcasm) you can read this version.

Ben graduates this weekend, speaking of free time. We're very excited. He might now have time to read books for fun and stay awake through a whole movie.

Finally, I finished a hat yesterday, and it might be my new favorite. I think you'll love it too. What colors do you want yours in?


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