Monday, August 19, 2013

I still love my job! Yes, you did read that correctly.


Who knew word  clouds could be so useful?

I actually tried one for Ava. I didn't finish it, but that's not because the idea isn't brilliant, and what I did finish was surprisingly illuminating.

You're going to need to share the plot exercises because my quirk book (still untitled) is in desperate need. It may be codding as I write this, but I'm out of ideas on how to save it. It's mostly the middle. The idea is there I just can't keep it going long enough to evolve into a cohesive work. I'll get there though! That's what optimism (and best friends who go to Goddard) are for!

How's the course work coming? Any books I need to read? Any fun work stories? Any fun garden stories? I want to hear it all :)

Life in Providence is lovely. And I really do love my job - it wasn't just a yay, not Oneonta fluke!

I had a Disney teaching moment which was beyond wonderful. We (me and two other AmeriCorps) went to our off-site placement three times a week. Two days for teaching and one to help chaperone field trips. A few weeks ago we were doing Egypt curriculum. Tuesday we talked about triangles being stronger then other shapes (i.e. squares) and then we built a pyramid out of dowels and rubber bands and each kid made an artifact out of loose parts (cardboard, pipe-cleaners, uncooked pasta - you get the idea) of the item they'd most want to take with them to the afterlife. Then we took the objects back to the museum, covered them in clay, and they became artifacts. The next day the pyramid where they had placed their objects was replaced with a sand (actually oatmeal) pit where the artifacts were placed. We explained that 100 years had passed and that the kids had to excavate artifacts and figure out what they were. We even has clipboards so they could take 'field notes.' One of our too cool for school kids was really enjoying the activity, but he was getting frustrated because he couldn't figure out what the object he'd uncovered was. So I asked him if he had seen the Little Mermaid and he looked at me like I was crazy, but I was like really, have you? He said yes and I said well you know how Ariel finds things from the surface, but she doesn't really know what they're called and so she makes up names and purposed for them - like the fork as a hairbrush? He nods. I said this is exactly like this. We don't know what was here 100 years ago so what do you think it was for? And he totally had a light bulb moment and was like so this could be whatever I want it to be? And was so excited! Thank you Disney :) 

I love teaching. It's all the things I wanted to do in the most direct way of doing it. Working with children? Check. Being creative daily? Check. Making a difference. Check.

I'm looking into whether I'd like to stay in informal education or move on to elementary education. I can't really decide, but I figure I have a bit of time before I have to make permanent decisions.The idea process right now is that it would be great to get initially certified  in teaching and then be a classroom teacher for a year or so to decide if I liked teaching in or out of the classroom better. I'm actually so excited about it that I have three plans of action! The first is Teach for America. That's super competitive though so I'm not putting all my hopes on it.  The second is to just go through the certification process (I have a liberal arts education so I don't need to go back to school right away, I do have to take a bunch of tests though - boo!) and try to find a job. The third is to find a GA position somewhere and work to earn a masters in elementary ed. Fingers crossed for TFA!

So to make an already lengthy blog post shorter - I'm really glad I was lucky enough to get this position!

On a completely different note. I'm going to try to come home for a long weekend the beginning of September and we should get together and have a writing/catch up day! Or plan a NYC day. Something! Cause we need a girlie day :)

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