Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maine and Brainstorms


I leave for Budapest in 16 days!

Crazy, yes?!

I'm floating with excitement and yet there's a knot in my stomach that grows bigger by the day. You'd think that it would be equalizing, but its not its a weird sensation like I'm being pulled in two directions. But the bubble is bigger than the knot so its all good :)

I spent a long weekend in Maine with my college girlies. It rained the last couple of days so we stuck to malls and movies (Crazy Stupid Love which was refreshingly funny and had an unexpected twist!). But the first day we made it to the lobster shack a really cute seafood (what else??) place that had a gorgeous view and the lighthouse at Fort Willamsburg which also had a gorgeous view! Here are some pics to support my lack of original phrasing.

Saturday night we went and saw the Maroon 5/Train double header which literally blew my mind and my vocal cords. Seriously, I woke up sounding like a veteran smoker!

But nonetheless it was amazing. I know they sound pop, but Maroon 5 puts on a hardcore rock show and Train is insane but great entertainment. I'm actually trying to get people to go with me to the same concert at the State Fair, but so far not a lot of luck :p

I put in a few blurry pictures of the concert to just for fun.

Now onto my great idea... I'm trying my hand at a play!

I decided that the things I love most about Finding Alice are the monologues so I'm going to make it a two person monologue fest and the stage directions are going to have the characters silently revolving around one another portraying the moments being discussed. 

I hope it works!

I love the cover for Letters to Myself and I'm glad to hear that you're moving along on the word count!!

Can't wait to see you Saturday :)

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