Thursday, September 1, 2011

Procrastination not Packing


I don't want to pack!!!!!!!!!

So instead I caught up on our awesome blog :)

I love your pesto, crayon, and (not on the blog, but equally as exciting!) the first couple entries of letters!!

I leave in 2 days which is literally insane and I've been having minor panic attacks for the last 24 hours, but my suitcase is still unpacked so I know that I'm fine and still me :p

On another note I used my first F****** Genius post-its for the first time! It was actually quite fun coming up with a line exciting enough to want to remember. It's for Alice so I'll post it when I've written the monologue that comes out of the sentence, by itself it may not sound so genius...

All right I'm gonna go get some shut eye in preparation for tomorrows marathon packing day!

I'll post some yay Budapest pictures as soon as I get a chance :)


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