Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthdays, etc.

Dear Ashley,

I'm so incredibly jealous that you're in Europe. Seriously, it made me a little depressed. Totally not your fault, don't feel bad. I can tolerate the dog job most of the time, but when something pops up on facebook about what other people are doing, or in your case, where you are, I get a little angry that I can't find something better, and I feel incredibly stagnant.

But every day I rip off a page of my day by day Italy calendar, and hope that I'm that much closer to really being there.

When in doubt, there's always travel memoir, which is like crack. 

Things are good in Philly, although I could throttle the boy right now. We're going to a Ceili Dance as part of the Irish Festival that I bought tickets to for Ben's birthday (which was yesterday). Dancing starts at 8, he said himself that it could take us 45 minutes to get there in Friday evening traffic, and we need to eat first. So at 6 o'clock I said "okay, it's 6." And by that, I really meant "stop playing your silly war computer game and let's go."

He didn't take the hint because 20 minutes later he finally got up to start getting ready to leave.
This is why we're late everywhere we go.
My mom suggested setting all the clocks in the house a half hour ahead and not telling him. I might take her up on that.
But really, if that's the only thing I have to complain about, then our relationship is pretty good.

Throttling aside, we going dancing tonight, and to a concert tomorrow night, and he's going to an accordion workshop given by one of his favorite accordion players so he's stoked. I'll wander around the festival and see what I can find. More on that on Sunday, probably.

In other news, I found $100 on the sidewalk today!! It was soooo exciting- I'm not lucky, I never find anything. But it totally made up for the otherwise shitty week I'd been having (loads of rain, flat tires on the bike AGAIN, that sort of thing).

I think that's all the exciting news from here. CAN'T WAIT to see Budapest pictures!! And your apartment, when you get there. Sorry the hostel people are noisy...that would suck.

Oh, yay, the shower's off. We can (finally) leave soon.



  1. I sometimes feel wrong reading this blog, like it should be between the two of you or something.

    Anyway, I feel compelled to comment because I now say to Adam, "so we should leave around six" and then at six say, "ya ready?" Because otherwise steam would come from my ears and he would have no idea why. lol

  2. I'm glad you read it! I make an effort to be more coherent and writerly on this one than on my own. It was designed as a way to keep in touch and also to keep ourselves active and writing. Also, I may have to use your trick, and be like "almost ready?" 20 minutes before we actually have to leave.