Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You're Lucky!! And I have to make it through macro...


It's so much more fun for everybody else that you're not domestic! But I'm sure if you keep trying you'll get the hang of it or at the very least get to the point where the household appliances are safe :p I have one of the electric stoves here and I've learned not to let anything boil over else the house will smell like a mini fire for days... Oh, the joys of adulthood!

I'm so happy that you got to be one of the lucky 25 pitchapoloza finalists (And you always said you weren't lucky!) and I after I voted for you I went back and read the other 24. I think you have a good chance of getting the meeting. I was underwhelmed by many of the other pitches though the Steve Jobs Cloud/Heaven analogy was quite brilliant and I would probably read the book if I saw it on the shelf. In case you haven't checked in the last 5 seconds - you're in 3rd!

I wish I had lots of interesting things to tell you, but things are quite dull on my side of the ocean. I am learning how to use Final Cut video editing software for my Civil Society and Communications class. We're developing advocacy campaigns complete with videos which we'll post to youtube. When its finished I'll send you the link. My group is focusing on online reputation so the video (if it comes out well) should be humorous. I just couldn't bring myself to pick a more serious problem - its depressing enough that my year abroad is already half over :( Anyway, when you win pitchapoloza and Letters to Myself becomes a movie I'll be able to edit for you and my decission to add a masters program to my already substantial student debt will be justified!

Also, I applied to the Peace Corps (I don't think I told you yet). My interview should be sometime latter this month. If everything works out in my favor I'm hoping to be nominated for a job, come home for a few weeks this summer and then start my 27 months. Fingers crossed!

Ok, macroeconomics is about to be over (thanks for helping me get through the worst class of the term) and its finally sunny and tolerable to be outside for more than a minute so I'm going to make the most of it!


P.S. I have a whole two paragraphs for Pan! Maybe in a month I'll be able to send you the first chapter :p

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