Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caught Up!


Finally, I am caught up. I'm at 21, 5..and 68. I think. something like that, anyway. In the ballpark of where I should be.

I'm sorry you had to work all weekend couldn't have some quality writing time. That's lame. But, at the same time, money is good.
Haha, side note: We bought a radio/iPod dock that Ben has been patiently waiting for the UPS man to deliver all afternoon, since we missed him yesterday, and now it's here! He's unpacking the box singing "radiooo, radiooo." It's amusing :)

Anyway, back to your novel. I'm glad you like it! I'm sure it's awesome, and I can't wait to read it. I've always liked that idea, in all its various forms, and I hope you can make lots of progress on it. As for another year of academia, I kind of miss it, too. I miss having things to do more than anything. I have a hard time getting motivated otherwise and without something that NEEDS to be done I'm just like " doesn't matter if I do it tomorrow..."

This is why I need NaNo to get any writing done.

I'm so excited for this weekend, I'm sure there will be a good blog post in it. There is a Bastille Day celebration in Philly that I heard about a couple of weeks ago, and I was intending to go and hopefully score some crepes. I haven't had any since Paris, and I want some. Parisian crepes would be the best of course, but I'll settle for French-American crepes.
Anyway, I googled this festival, and apparently there is a whole reenactment where people storm the Bastille (Eastern State Penitentiary) and "Marie Antoinette" is dragged out to a real, working guillotine built for the day and she screams "Let them eat Tastycake!" (because Tastycake is Philly's claim to fame, along with cheesesteaks, water ice {redundant, much?} and tater tots) and then....the best part...they throw Tastycakes off the towers of the penitentiary, onto the crowd.

Isn't it fabulous?! It might require a video blog because I'm sure pictures can't do it justice. I can't wait :)

Oooh, the iPod dock is working!
Happy Writing,

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