Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One-Fifth done!

Dear Ashley,

I just dragged my novel across the 10,000 word mark. Literally, dragged. Kicking and screaming. Oh wait...that was me, not the novel.
We're now entering the notorious Week Two Doldrums, and I'm feeling them already. It's like the Santa Ana can smell them coming. Yesterday I had one of those fantastic aha! moments, where the plot all came together in a neat, and surprisingly profound, little bundle and it felt great! The greatness is not transferring into the novel though, and there is lots of repetitiveness and long, rambling sentences blatantly fishing for word count. Oh, well. That's the point of NaNo, right?

I hope you had a chance to catch up on your word count. I totally understand the wanting to be at work for the hours and money, and not wanting to be there at the same time. I'm getting a little tired of walking dogs, and would like a real job now. I'll look, but there's still nothing.

This post was supposed to be full of pictures from the 4th in Phila, but honestly, the party on the parkway wasn't all that great. We assumed that vendors meant local artisans and the like, but it was a strange collection of big businesses like PNC Bank, and Verizon, and lots of local home repair people. Places that it would make much more sense to go into their air conditioned stores to do business and not a million degree tent on the side of the road.


So I took a break for dinner and then we watched The Dark Knight, which I had never seen before. Good movie! I didn't even get much crocheting done because I was too busy both biting my nails in suspense and trying like hell not to bite them.

Anyway, I've now completely lost my train of thought from earlier, so I'm going to go read and try to sleep, since my coughing has prevented doing much of that.
Hope you had a happy 4th, and good luck in week two!!!


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