Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear Ashley,

Bastille Day at Eastern State Penitentiary was...interesting. There were pirates:

His sign said something to the effect of "I'm in here for touching someone else's booty"
There were people in French costumes:

There was a guillotine!
And, of course, Marie Antoinette and her army of...storm troopers. When she appeared to the sound of Gaga's Born This Way the whole thing went a bit odd. However, what we were all there for was her screaming "Let them eat Tastycake!" which was the cue for the people up there with her to catapult shovels full of tastycake onto the crowd. You can see the video on my facebook page. I've forgotten where I saved it, or I'd upload it here.
Overall, it was a fun afternoon. Afterwards, I met Ben for dinner at a place that he won a gift certificate to at work. It's called Monsu, and the food is authentic Sicilian, and totally kick ass! I went home and fell asleep in a food coma.
Speaking of Sicilian, next time I blog I have to make time and space to tell you about our thoughts about Italy. Until then, I'll leave you with a leftover, and slightly blurry, picture from the fourth of July- the city lit up red, white and blue.
Oh, crap. Nevermind. I deleted those too. Sorry to tease!


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