Friday, July 8, 2011

Distracted by a Literary Atrocity

Dear Ashley,

I had every intention of using this time between work and leaving for Long Island for my cousin's graduation party this weekend, to be working on my word count. I got distracted by an article however, about a simplified version of The Great Gatsby, aimed at "intermediate' readers. So I had to blog about it, because it's absolutely ridiculous. Changing the wording of Gatsby renders it useless as a teaching tool.

Link to the article, and my response can be found on my blog, HERE.

So...I didn't get any writing done today. I'm at 11,1--something words, which was good for yesterday. I won't get anything done tomorrow, as I'm not even taking the computer with me. It's just an overnight for the party tomorrow, and it would just make the bag heavy. So Sunday will be my day to catch up and write 5,000ish words.

In other news, it rained today, and finally broke the humidity that we've been having all week. I was out in the city, having just finished walking my dogs when it started. I made it to The Book Corner, which we will go to when you visit because it's a 3 large rooms PACKED with books, all for less than $3 a piece. It's heaven. But I took shelter there for the first rain storm, then I went next door to the main branch of the Phila Free Library and got myself a library card, now that I finally have  PA license. The library was huge and grand, and if you were there for any kind of reference book, or classic literature, the best place ever.
I was disappointed with their mainstream newer fiction, just a few shelves of it. There were about ten shelves full of holds though, so I have a feeling the newer, popular stuff is just constantly checked out. It's okay. I'm making it my goal this winter to burrow through as much of the classics section as I can.

When I finally left, there were huge black clouds over Center City, and I decided to make a run for Rittenhouse Square, where I exchange client payments for my paycheck. I got to the very edge of it before it started downpouring again, and got soaked while chaining up my bike and running for the Barnes and Noble. It didn't stop raining when I needed to be on the other side of the square to meet my boss, so I went awning hopping around the edge, and got drenched. My poor pretzel was so soggy.

Torrential downpours like that are fun, though. Once you resign yourself to the fact that you're soaked through, six inch puddles in the ruts in the road are super fun to ride your bike through. Makes you feel like a little kid again.

I'm hoping Ben gets home would be great. I want to be on the road by seven. Hope you have a better weekend for writing than I will...or...just a good weekend :)


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