Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Feeling an Extended Trip

I keep waiting to get an email telling me that you’ve written back, but this is not facebook!

Anyway, I’m not anywhere near the words limit, but I am really happy with the thousand words I did manage to add. I figure I’ll take a long camping trip and use July and August both to finish this story which I’ve renamed “Somewhere Under Bolts of Steel.” When I decided to modernize Moral Sense I kept thinking to myself that slavery in the story was about community and so I decided to use a homeless community. Hovels? Check. Limited food? Check. Inconsistent work? Check. Home without the walls? Check.

But despite having a decent plot line, my characters are fighting me every step of the way. Each sentence is taking an abnormally long time to come together and even though my brain knows that NaNo is about the word count my fingers keep deleting instead of marching forward.    

When I first saw the Dark Night I was at the drive-in and there was a thunder storm in progress. It was awesome!!! Definitely one of, if not my favorite, super hero movies.

I hope that you get a full night’s sleep and that in the morning you totally forget that its week two and you zoom forward with the new perfect bundle of plot which by the way I’m super excited to hear about!

Lots of luck,

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