Monday, July 11, 2011

Work and More Work = No Writing


I hope that you had an excellent weekend and got all got up on your word count!

I worked 10am - 11pm Saturday, but I had the same plan as you, to get caught up on writing Sunday. Unfortunately I got called into work and in all the time I was there I had one table. Yes, one. Ridiculous. But a job is a job and I'm lucky to have one so I'm trying to keep the complaining to a minimum (even only I only had one table all night right at the end so I was the last one cleaning up!).

On a more productive note today has taught me that I should start putting some scrap paper into my apron for the shorts I want to work on for Glimmer and the competition you sent me a few weeks back as well as any potential brilliant moments for NaNo.

I never thought I'd be looking forward to another year of academics, but I am. I think its because it feels like I'm moving forward and being in Oneonta this summer has made me feel like I've hit a brick wall especially cause all my closest friends aren't here. You're in Penn, Lins in in Binghamton, and Gina is in Rochester so I'm kind of going crazy...

But on the bright side, not having anybody around to distract me has given me time to really work on NaNo and even though I'm behind on my word count I (wait for it) still like it!! Shocking, yes?!

Hope you have a productive week three!!

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