Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sick Again...and Tired

Dear Ashley,

I love the excerpt! Moral Sense has always been a great idea, and you really have a knack for killer first and last lines. This excerpt is case in point.

Today I'm trying to have a productive day, but mostly I'm just tired. Last week I had a sore throat that I thought was just a sore throat. Then it turned into what I thought was allergies. The past couple of nights I've been up all night coughing, and I think Ben's right; I'm sick with something. So I went out and got some Robitussin today, and hopefully that will help me sleep.

My word count right now is around 3,600 and my goal for the day is 6000. More would be better, since tomorrow is the 4th and I think we're going to the big city-wide celebration on the parkway...I'm not sure exactly what it will be like, but we've heard that they shut down both sides of Ben Franklin Parkway for about 8 blocks and it's lined with food, vendors, and live music, ending with fireworks at night. Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

I also want to work on some crocheting. I'm making Rosa (my favorite almost-two year old) a blanket made up of six big crocheted Crayola crayons for her birthday. That way she can learn colors, letters and have texture, all while playing on the floor. I forget who designed this pattern, but she was a genius. I'll try to post a picture as soon I'm done with the red crayon that I'm currently working on.

I suppose I should stop procrastinating and get back to that word count. They won't write themselves, unfortunately.

Happy 4th!


PS- An Edit! I made it to 5,174 which is 173 words ahead for today. If I can get more later, great, if not, I'm still pleased. To celebrate I went and messed around on Picnik to design a cover for my novel this month. Ta-da! 

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